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12 / 07 2022

Ukraine supply – CRGO prime master coils

Approached a new client in Ukraine, and a new supply of Electrical Steel Grain Oriented master coils, Thickness 0.27mm, with core losses 1.0 Watt / Kg @ 1.7 Tesla – 50 Hz, for the production of Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers, prime master Coils will be supplied via 1st Class China CRGO Mill.

10 / 05 2022

Japan CRGO slit coils with low core losses supply to ME

Delivered Japan Origin, Slitted Electrical Steel of CRGO coils for the production of oil Immersed power transformers in Thickness 0.20mm and Max. Core Losses 0.75 Watt /  Kg @ 1.7 Tesla - 50 Hz, for a Power Transformers producer at Middle East.

16 / 04 2022


A mix of Electrical Steel master coils, Japan and EU origins, include mix of Thicknesses 0.23mm and 0.27mm, with max core losses 0.90 Watt/Kg @ 1.7 Tesla – 50 HZ, supplied to our client whom are a Slitting Service Center, coils delivered by trucks inside European Union.

12 / 03 2022


A new contract for trial supplies of Electrical Steel Grain Oriented Thickness 0.27mm with core losses max. 1.0 Watt / Kg @ 1.7 Tesla - 50 Hz, made by 1st class mill – China Origin, for the production of distribution transformers at an EU client, trial order is a start for long run monthly supply contract.

20 / 02 2022


Non-Prime of Electrical Steel grain oriented 0.30mm Thickness, Made By NLMK, Core Losses 1.40 Watt/ Kg @ 1.7 Tesla - 50 Hz by made by NLMK, supplied from stocks before embargo against RUSSIA, coils supplied to our client in Turkey for the production of Magnetic Shields and Shunt Reactors.

15 / 01 2022


A very high quality of Japan Origin Hi-B Laser Refined CRGO coils, with 0.75 core losses, supplied to our client in turkey, delivery done immediately by trucks from our warehouses in EU, slit coils with several types of widths, and special anti-humidity packaging due to 9 days travelling while the winter high season.

20 / 12 2021


APEX STEEL supplied CRGO Wide Coils - HI-B refined grade in 0.18mm Thickness and max. core losses was 0.75 Watt, for producing toroid cores and instrument transformers, delivery done before Christmas directly from our warehouses in EU.

08 / 10 2021


APEX STEEL supplied CRGO Master Coils Turkish market of 0.30mm and 0.35mm, USA origin, APEX is expanded its supplies in Turkish market strongly over last years.

Our Turkish client is APEX client since 2018 with growing up business cooperation relationship.

18 / 06 2021


While 2021, and tough situation within global steel market, a high shortage of supply, APEX STEEL secured a delivery of CRGO Master Coils to our client in European Union for keeping their production running and supporting us as well for keeping business running within 2021!

26 / 02 2021

APEX EU to supply European origin CRGO slit coils to Middle East

Very Tough year 2021, for Electrical Steel Grain Oriented Production and Trade, as well for all Steel Industries.

APEX STEEL EU Office secured supplies of CRGO rest of coils to our clients in Middle East.

Rest of Master coils Grain Oriented Electrical Steel of 0.23mm and 0.27mm thicknesses, in prime condition.

Shipment loaded already in March 2021.

20 / 11 2020

APEX EU to supply Brazil CRGO coils for Turkish market

APEX STEEL EU Office to continue supplies of CRGO coils to our clients in Turkey.

Supplies are of Excess Prime master coils Grain Oriented Electrical Steel of 0.27mm, and 0.30mm thicknesses.

Shipment loaded already at early December 2020.

25 / 07 2020

APEX EU to supply CRGO Slit Coils 0.27mm thickness to Middle East

APEX STEEL EU Office to continue supplies of CRGO coils to our clients in Middle East, whom are a producer of Distribution Transformers.

Supplies are for Slit Coils High Grain Oriented Electrical Steel of 0.27mm thickness.

Shipment loaded already in July 2020

20 / 07 2020

APEX EU to supply CRGO Master Coils 0.23mm thickness to Turkey

APEX STEEL EU Office has awarded a new contract for supplying CRGO coils to our clients in Turkey whom are a producer of Distribution and Power Transformers.

Supplies contains Master Coils High Grain Oriented Electrical Steel 0.23mm thickness.

Shipments to take place within August 2020

10 / 06 2020

APEX MENA to supply new contract of GRAPHITE ELECTRODES to Turkey

APEX STEEL MENA Office to deliver GRAPHITE ELECTRODES to Middle East for our end user client whom are Iron and Steel Refractory, shipment contains Graphite Electrodes with Diameters 600mm and 450mm.

22 / 05 2020

Apex has received a contract for supplying AK Steel Coils to Turkey

APEX STEEL is hitting again a new client in Turkish market, we are being awarded for supplying AK Steel CRGO coils, “near prime” CRGO coils 0.27mm and 0.30mm, delivery from USA to Istanbul Seaport is taking only less than 25 days, as well as 90 days LC payment offered to our client.

04 / 05 2020

Apex to supply contract of POSCO CRGO coils to MENA

APEX STEEL has been awarded of a trial contract to supply POSCO coils grade 27PHD090 to our new client in MENA.
Shipment already loaded, sailed and is about to arrive to a MENA Seaport within end of June 2020.

10 / 04 2020

Apex supplied EU Origin CRGO coils to Turkey

APEX STEEL supplied few containers to Turkish market of 0.30mm Electrical Steel master coils, Origin of materials were European Union.
We are now having good data base of several clients in Turkish market, most of them are producers of Oil Immersed Transformers.
APEX is continuing as previous years to expand increasingly its clients in Turkish market.

28 / 02 2020

A new supplied delivery of CRGO coils to Turkey in 2020

A 2020 delivery of CRGO coils delivered to our client, shipment has been received and inspected by our client, identical to previously supplied CRGO coils to same customer in Turkey, current and previous deliveries has got enough satisfaction by our client technical department, supplied CRGO coils are 0.27mm and 0.30-mm of Electrical Steel Grain Oriented Coils.

10 / 01 2020

A Business cooperation initiated with a European distributor for Thyssen Steel CRGO

APEX STEEL has agreed with a European Business partner whom are authorized and approved by Thyssen Steel for exporting Thyssen 2nd choice CRGO out of European Union Market, APEX is greatly looking forward for 2020 CRGO global business by AK Steel Near Prime CRGO Coils and Thyssen Steel 2nd Choice CRGO Coils, without interrupting or disappointing our business agreements with (Thyssen and AK) authorized channels.

12 / 12 2019

A held meeting in Middle East between APEX STEEL and AK Steel CRGO Exporting Company

A meeting in Cairo held between APEX STEEL – Eng. Eliwa and a USA located company whom are approved and responsible firm for exporting AK Steel Near Prime CRGO coils, discussions are for improving future possible business cooperation while the current market slow down situation.

15 / 10 2019

Apex Czechia to continue repeating deliveries of CRGO Coils to Turkey

Due to previously supplied CRGO coils to same customer in Turkey, Apex have been awarded a new contract to proceed with new deliveries to our client whom are a Shunt Reactors manufacturer, previous deliveries has got enough satisfaction by our client technical controlling department beside our commercial competitivity which improved relation to continue a new business and contract for 0.27- and 0.30-mm Electrical Steel Coils.

20 / 07 2019

APEX Czechia New Contract For Supplying 1000 Ton Electrical Steel Prime Coils

In cooperation with our Czech Trade Partners, APEX STEEL has been involved in new contract for supplying European Origin 1000 Ton of Prime master coils of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel for an Oil Immersed Power Transformers Manufacturer in Middle East, production and shipment will take a place in August 2019.

01 / 04 2019

Apex Czechia To Supply A New Contract For Turkey

A gathered and supplied new contract of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel master coils with thickness 0.27mm/0.30mm, for a well reputation Shunt Reactors manufacturer in Turkey.
APEX since 2015 had exports and supplies to more than 14 country all over the world.

14 / 03 2019

APEX visit and meeting with our Egyptian business partners at Metal and Steel 2019

It is always an important opportunity for us to attend and visit Metal and Steel Exhibition in Egypt, 2019 version of the exhibition coming aside with APEX MENA office growing and expanding its business In Egyptian and MENA market, we are looking forward to meet our exist customers and new suppliers / customers.

12 / 01 2019

APEX CZECHIA to supply a new contract of Electrical Steel to our customer in East Africa

A supplied slitted electrical steel coils with thickness 0.23mm width to produce Distribution Transformers has been delivered to our customers in East Africa – Distribution Transformers manufacturer plant.

10 / 12 2018


APEX Steel – Egypt Team had a successful visit to EDEX, we had the chance to meet with our customer / partner The Arab Organization for Industrialization whom are the main community which are responsible about several industrial and military products production at their several plants all over Egypt.

12 / 10 2018

APEX developed its data base “EUREKA TRAFO” for 2019 Marketing Campaigns

APEX STEEL team continued their development of our “EUREKA TRAFO – Distribution / Power Transformers Global Database”, in 2015, APEX range of end users (Transformers Manufacturers) were around 850 Transformers Manufacturers, with the new year 2019 APEX – EUREKA TRAFO range of end users will exceed 1200 Transformers manufacturers globally, which is improving and developing Our customers’ range rapidly, serving and supplying to them our materials of Electrical Steels Grain Oriented.

05 / 08 2018

Apex Steel Czechia and Apex Steel Egypt annual meeting at 3rd quarter 2018

A meeting for APEX STEEL main offices Business Development Managers held in Cairo, for discussing 2018 done contracts / results, and coming plan for business year 2019, let’s keeps hard works to stand at the APEX all together.

15 / 08 2018

Apex Steel Supplied a complete contract of 4600 Wound Rectangular cores to Middle East

A complete contract to design, manufacture, testing and supplying of 250 KVA and 400 KVA Rectangular wound core have been exported to Our customer in Middle East for being used for production of Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers, cores delivered, tested, and approved by our end user whom showed a positive result and satisfactory about supplied qualities, 4600 cores will be used for producing 2300 oil immersed distribution transformers.

01 / 07 2018

Apex Steel Egypt is stabilizing its position in Egyptian market by a new contract

Apex Steel Egypt is stabilizing its position in Egyptian market, successfully gathered another new contract for supplying materials which will be used for Iron and Steel Furnace, our customer is one of the main players in MENA as an Integrated Steel Foundry.

01 / 05 2018

Apex Steel Team business visit to China, Taiwan, and Korea (Visit Results)

Apex Steel Czech Republic signed a long-term cooperation agreement with an historical experienced wound core producer.
Apex Steel Czechia had an inspection for 4600 Wound Rectangular Cores for shipping to Middle East.
Apex Steel Egypt discussed Graphite Electrodes business for MENA for 2nd half 2018 with several mills.

01 / 04 2018

Apex Steel Team business visit to China, Taiwan, and Korea

Eng. Ahmad Eliwa, Eng. Ahmed El-Gaiar, and Mr. Mahmoud Fahmy, MBA will fly to China, Taiwan, and S. Korea for following up Apex Steel Customers’ current contracts for both Apex Steel Czech Republic and Egypt offices, expected visit to take 21 days, for visiting more than 4 steel mills for developing and expanding cooperation with foreign firms.
Our visit also will include a couple of inspection and approving for a different couple materials for a different couple of contracts.

01 / 03 2018

Apex Steel – Egypt Team – Metal & Steel Middle East 2018

Here in again APEX favourite exhibition in Egypt – Cairo, for an effective concentrated 3 days meeting with our local Egyptian customers, as well a new challenge to meet a new customers & suppliers from all over the world.
Apex Steel Egypt is welcoming you in Cairo.

20 / 01 2018

Apex Steel Egypt secured a new contract for Ministry of Military Production affiliated steel mill

Although of the strong competition from our competitors inside and outside Egypt, Apex Steel Egypt successfully gathered a new contract for supplying materials which will be used for Iron and Steel Furnace, our customer is an Egyptian Military Factory, affiliated from the Ministry of Military Production – Egypt.

12 / 10 2017

Apex Steel Egypt is developing businesses to Egyptian Iron and Steel Mills

Our Business Development Managers for Apex Steel Egypt rapidly expanding Apex Steel International’s business at the Egyptian market for direct supplies to Iron and Steel Mills in Egypt, concentrating on securing raw materials required for our client’s production plants.

20 / 08 2017

Apex Steel – Czech Republic is an approved Supplier for CG Global Transformers (Ireland Plant)

Slitted and Exported High Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (slit coils), Grade 23-PHD080 - approved for CG Global Transformers – Ireland Plant, with a complete satisafaction of quality, further cooperation to be proceeded according to CG Global future production plans, Apex Steel International is proude of this step which considered as a contenoues improvements of our attendance in the Electrical Steels global market.

30 / 05 2017

Apex Steel Representative Office in Egypt – Have its Business Development Manager

Due to 2015, 2016, & 2017 developed business and improved scale of customers, Apex Steel Czech Republic Head Office decides to have its own separate Business Development Managers for Apex Steel Egypt Representative Office, Mr. Mahmoud Ali Fahmy, MBA, and Eng. Ahmed Hamdy Elgaiar, starting from 1st June 2017 are responsible about all Steel materials supplies to Egypt, as well as customers’ relations.

01 / 05 2017

Apex Steel Visit to POSCO & POSCO Electrical Steel Processing Centre

A 24 hours Long journey from Czech Republic passing to Emirates till final destination at Seoul – South Korea, deserves to confirm and have a bold underline for our cooperation with POSCO and its affiliated Electrical Steel Processing Centre for Electrical Steel products, a new business plan made for expanding our global presence under support of POSCO directly.

14 / 01 2017

A business meeting in Egypt with Apex Steel - Cairo Office

Apex Steel International s.r.o had its usual visits to Egypt, based on stable supplies and business cooperation with our partners in Cairo – Egypt, Apex Steel – Ostrava and  Apex Steel – Cairo Team, we had all together several successful meetings to our current customers, as well while the same visit discussions were going about Egyptian market status and its challenges based on tough changes of Egyptian market Economy.
A 2017 plan settled for keeping the efforts, balance and to lets work to reach the APEX and keep working from there.

15 / 12 2016

2016 Annual Sales Turnover – Apex Steel International s.r.o

Apex Steel International successfully had a turn over exceed 8.2 Million US $ in cooperation with its supplying business partners.
Supplies mainly take place for Electrical Steel Grain Oriented, even we are still a young company, but we already for 2015, 2016 had a stable improvement at our customers basement.

23 / 10 2016

A visit from POSCO (Subsidary Processing Center) to Apex Steel Czech Republic Office

A great and effective visit done by our Korean partner whom are a POSCO Electrical Steel Service Centre and a subsidiary of POSCO – KOREA.
Main discussions were for the current contracts / business, which is improving since November 2015.
Also discussed plans for expanding our business cooperation to new markets in Middle East.

10 / 08 2016

Apex Steel International Agency Agreement - United Arab Emirates’ Agent

In May, June, July, and August 2016; Apex Steel International s.r.o – Czech Republic & CAMEL STEEL LIMITED – United Arab Emirates, both firms started discussions/negotiations for an official cooperation agreement for steel trades all over the world.

CAMEL STEEL LIMITED is locating at one of the most important international business hub all over the world in Gulf Region which is connecting Asian Business World with Arabian and African Business World.

Cooperation agreement announces that APEX STEEL INTERNATIONAL s.r.o authorized CAMEL STEEL LIMITED as their International Business partner for steel trades all over the world.

05 / 07 2016

Customers’ meetings in Cairo – Egypt

By support and attendance of Apex Steel International – Cairo Office Team, We had altogether great B2B meetings, our customers were mainly slitting service centres / traders in Egyptian local market for steel materials such as Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, as well Hot dipped Galvanized Steel.

Beside, our main meetings with our stable customers for our special steel materials supplies to them, discussing current contracts and future requirements, at the end of December 2016 expected transactions turn over with Egyptian customers shall exceed 6 Million US $.

20 / 05 2016


Successfully, again and again, such as every year in CWIEME Berlin, meetings with our business partners, discussing APEX STEEL main business, our partners’ main business, Electrical Steel materials for our customers whom are producers of oil immersed transformers.
However, this year is different, totally different comparing with CWIEME 2015, due to changes in the market of Electrical Steel capacities, prices, bookings, subject of EU, China, USA, Korea, Japan antidumping…

We can assure Electrical Steel monopoly all over the world will never stops, between producers from North of America to Western Europe, passing to Eastern Europe, then going more east to Asian biggest producers, Electrical Steel Production and its business still tough as always.

Although of that, APEX Steel is keeping working hard to stay there working from the APEX, as we got a great offers for cooperation from Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Korea while CWIEME.

18 / 05 2016

Results of CWIEME – EUREKA TRAFO 1000

It was a great chance for APEX to launch our new informational product EUREKA TRAFO 1000 while our attendance at CWIEME Berlin 2016 version.
We had tens of successful meetings, all proved how much unique what we have created and what we are selling and offering is valuable for the Oil Immersed Transformers Industry.
Eureka Trafo 1000 Oil Immersed Transformers manufacturers contacts database have been introduced to 48 exhibitors / 3 days, based on direct meetings while CWIEME.
We got a great encouraging responses / feedbacks from more than 95% of our meeting with exhibitors.

For more information, visit www.eureka-trafo.com

06 / 05 2016

New website

A new website established and built up for representing exactly Apex Steel International business and kind of customers, as well as for easier communications.

06 / 05 2016

CWIEME Berlin 2016

Apex Steel International s.r.o is attending CWIEME Berlin 2016, Hall 4.2 – Stand B14, one of the most important exhibition for power and energy sectors, related directly to Transformers Industry, Motors Industry, and Switch-Gears Industry.

01 / 04 2016

Our Unique product EUREKA TRAFO 1000

Our Unique product EUREKA TRAFO 1000 have been launched, as a great result of working on it for more than 3 years, beside our main long run experience in the track of oil immersed transformers for more than 11 years, a great marketing campaign have been done for promoting EUREKA TRAFO to more than 500 direct expected potential customers, marketing campaign started with direct air mail envelopes flying all over the world, telephone calls, electronic-mails, and attending in CWIEME Berlin 2016, Hall 4.2 – Stand B14, for more details visit www.eureka-trafo.com

08 / 03 2016

Visit to Oman

For the year 2016, Apex is continuing and solidifying stable relations and supplies for our current customers, beside a trial steel engineered and processed business done for Oman, followed by our visit to our customer in Oman for establishing a stable and long run cooperation technical, commercial negotiations are on process, while our initial shipments already done for Omani customer inspection and controlling.

03 / 03 2016

Steel contracts

For The Year March 2015 – March 2016, Apex Steel international turn over exceeded 5 600 000 US $, for direct steel contracts with our customers whom are usually end users manufacturing electrical equipment; 2015 Apex customers and contracts were mainly for Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria.

16 / 01 2016

Customer in Bulgaria

Successful steel coils contract with our customer in Bulgaria followed by successful three deliveries on CPT basis our customer's warehouse, deliveries take place in November, December 2015 and January 2016; last two deliveries were loaded and delivered while Christmas and new year 2016 holidays, it just proves once more our capability for managing works and loading in critical times, although it was holidays times all over the world, with respect to secure quality of business; starting from quality of materials up to precise deliveries due dates.

08 / 12 2015

Visits to our steel mill partner

Almost a monthly visits and discussions with our steel mill partner in Poland, for inspecting steel coils which is sailing to our customer in Egypt, according to their contracts of 2015, 100% successful inspections done by our company and third party inspection made by Bureau Veritas.

10 / 10 2015

Visit to Egypt

A visit done to Egypt for a couple of customers for finalizing 2015 contracts as well for assuring flow of our steel materials wich is much important for our customer production flow, it is a great pleasure to serve our customers. Thank You for Apex teel MENA team for their great done efforts.

22 / 08 2015

Customer in Tunisia

Finalized engineered and processed steel products, produced and supplied to our customer in Tunisia, followed after with a visit fom our side to our customer, to make sure about our customer satisfaction, We found that we are on the Apex.

24 / 07 2015

Established Apex Steel International S.r.o – Ostrava – Czech Republic

On 23 JULY 2015, Ostrava – Czech Republic, A Steel International s.r.o has been registered at the commercial registrar of regional court in Ostrava under Identification No. 042 65 670,  European Union VAT No. CZ 042 65 670, and a Registered Trade Mark No. 53055 representing APEX STEEL INTERNATIONAL, APEX STEEL Head Office is locating in Ostrava – Czech Republic.