Successfully, again and again, such as every year in CWIEME Berlin, meetings with our business partners, discussing APEX STEEL main business, our partners’ main business, Electrical Steel materials for our customers whom are producers of oil immersed transformers.
However, this year is different, totally different comparing with CWIEME 2015, due to changes in the market of Electrical Steel capacities, prices, bookings, subject of EU, China, USA, Korea, Japan antidumping…

We can assure Electrical Steel monopoly all over the world will never stops, between producers from North of America to Western Europe, passing to Eastern Europe, then going more east to Asian biggest producers, Electrical Steel Production and its business still tough as always.

Although of that, APEX Steel is keeping working hard to stay there working from the APEX, as we got a great offers for cooperation from Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Korea while CWIEME.