APEX STEEL MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA OFFICE – EGYPT is one of the smartest and strongest development done by Apex Steel – Czechia in 2016, due to positively achieved plans charts for developing Apex Steel attendance in Egyptian market, it comes in parallel while Egypt as a country is becoming back again to be an industrial leader for Middle East and Africa once again.

One of the most important and biggest industries in Egypt is Integrated Steel Foundries whom are producers of Steel Billets, Rebar Steels, Wire Rods, Hot Rolled Steel Plates,……. Etc, Integrated steel foundries in Egypt are using few kinds of furnaces such Electrical Arc Furnaces, Ladle Refining Furnaces for melting their input raw materials whatever it was Direct reduced iron (DRI) or steel scrap.

Apex Steel – Egypt successfully penetrated the market and customers (end users) whom are using Graphite Electrodes which are the main heating tool used for most of melting and smelting furnaces for recycling and producing new steel with new steel elements and alloys.

Apex Steel (Czechia and Egypt) offices, established together a great plan for penetrating the market for marketing, selling, and supplying Graphite Electrodes for Integrated Steel Foundries in Egypt, North Africa, and Middle East……and always there are new plans for future expansions for new markets globally, via our global well managed supply chain management through our global production partners.

Our products:

  • Graphite Electrodes in diameters 200mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, and 800mm.
  • Graphite Electrodes in Grades UHP ( Ultra High Power), HP (High Power).
  • Graphite Electrodes related Nipples with several and different types.