APEX – GLOBAL STEELS TRADING is completing the apex of APEX STEEL Pyramid which becomes as a result to double benefits from:

APEX (EU) – CZECH REPUBLIC cooperation and relations with Iron & Steel mills, which we market and sell mainly their Electrical Steels.
Then to expand our steel business for other steels materials much more than only Electrical Steels.

Alongside with APEX (MENA) – EGYPT cooperation and relations with Integrated Steel Foundries, which we supply to them initial vital production tools for their furnaces.
Then to expand our cooperation with them, we are marketing their end products.           

Positively our business partners Iron & Steel Mills, as well Integrated Steel Foundries both are having a reliable trust in APEX STEEL Marketing & Sales department to represent and sell their products for global markets and global supplies on behalf of them for several markets at several occasions.


  • Steel Billets
  • Forged Iron & Steel Bars
  • Steel Wire Rods
  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel