APEX STEEL HEAD OFFICE IN EUROPEAN UNION – CZECH REPUBLIC; is proudly offering a wide range of prime Electrical Steel materials such as master coils, slit coils or cut to length laminations and readymade Electrical Steel iron core, all these items mainly used to produce electrical equipment mostly are oil immersed power / distribution transformers, Dry Type Transformers, Potential / Voltage Transformers and Shunt Reactors.

Due to Apex Steel bonded relationships with Electrical Steel mills starting from Far East mills, passing to Europe mills, these relationships gave us the opportunity to stand on global map as a well-known trusted supplier of Electrical Steel materials to several global destination all over the world, we are exporting our Electrical Steel to more than 12 countries in EU and MENA regions.

Due to market differences of potential demands, as well due to transformers producers’ differences in scale of production, ratings, designs, these factors showed to Apex Steel the opportunity to design, produce and supply Electrical Steel Laminations and Electrical Steel readymade iron cores, which it becomes one of our strongest items.

For any further technical or commercial details, please do not hesitate to communicate with us, even if it will be only required technical or informational questions – “we believe in serving our society without looking for a return back benefits”.

Our products:

  • Grain Oriented Electrical Steel ( master / slit) coils.
  • Grain Oriented Electrical Steel cut to length Lamination.
  • Grain Oriented Electrical Steel readymade iron core.