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We are keeping working hard to keep ourselves always there at the Apex. Let us work to reach the Apex together and keep working from there.


Our ambitions are strong as steel, our steel is ambitious to get to our customer and our customer is ambitious to grow.


Our knowledge, experiences, abillities, are competent to serve global customers and International markets.

APEX STEEL is a dynamic steel agency growing strongly among international customers and steel mills / foundries worldwide, APEX is aware of iron and steel materials’ complete production procedures, starting from used furnaces, including used input raw materials, equipment’s, and machineries, till obtaining several final steels materials and products.

In pursuit of customer´s satisfaction, we use our knowledge with respect in time several situations of the steels industry, its related market locally and globally as well taking into consideration changeable equation of supply and demand for the whole steels industries, APEX managed by group of professionals, whom are devoting their careers to steel industry and steel trade.

Thanks to our reliable network of professionally coordinated teams and their skills, enabling us to provide our services in several languages such as Arabic, Czech, and English;  we believe that our values comes from our provided benefits and profits to our customers , that is what makes APEX to be one of the most effective steel supply chain agencies in EU and MENA.

Therefore, we own our further steps knowledge and market awareness to be always informed in time about situation of the steel industry and its related keys factors, concluding circumstances and its effects over markets in local / in global.

APEX STEEL Head office in EUROPE is locating in the ‘‘steel heart of the Czech Republic’’ – Ostrava, devoting its business and experiences to steel materials for Power and Energy Industry.

APEX STEEL office in MENA is locating in Egypt, in the ‘‘capital business hub’’ – Cairo, devoting its operations and business to steel raw materials and non- steel raw materials for integrated steel foundries.